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2023 Year in Review

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Tis' the season of the long scroll through your phone's camera roll to relive the year that was - my journey through the 4,000+ photos & videos on my phone from 2023 turned into a phone note listing some of my favorite trips/projects each month. As I was creating that list and flipping through content, I realized that there's a lot of work I made this year that I'm proud of that I haven't really had a chance to share. I decided to make this blog post as a way for me to share some of that work without hammering Instagram with a million posts or story bubbles.

I'm incredibly grateful for all the opportunities I had this year and people that help make this wild freelance life of mine a possibility - without further ado, here's some of my favorite projects by month!


Streamsong Resort Shoot - started the year off creating social & web content for Streamsong Resort of their 3 incredible golf courses. Took some of my favorite golf course pictures of the year, made some fun FPV drone pieces, & shot a ton of standard drone content of the courses. Drone footage I shot comprised most (all but the first shot) of Streamsong's 2023 TV commercial that ran during major championship broadcasts.

Zero Restriction Shoot at Medalist - went down to Jupiter with the ZR crew to shoot their Spring '23 collection at Medalist golf club. Shot a variety of photo and video that ended up on web, social, and in product catalogs. Saw Tiger in the Medalist parking lot...


Holderness & Bourne Scottsdale Shoot - took a last minute trip to Scottsdale during Waste Management week for a half day shoot with Ben Griffin & Austin Smotherman. One of my favorite assets from this shoot was an impromptu multi-cam social piece that I managed to shoot solo with a handheld camera and a camera on a tripod.


BNP Paribas Merchandise Project for Legends Global - Ventured out of golf and into tennis with a shoot at Indian Wells for Legends Global to show off their merchandise setup. Got to fly a drone through one of the most famous tennis stadiums in the world in the process...


Pebble Beach Drone Flyovers for USGA - Ran around Pebble Beach for a few days with John Mummert, Rob Cowen, and Jeff Marsh to shoot tee to green flyovers and other images/b-roll for the US Women's Open Broadcast and USGA's channels. One of my favorite projects of the year for a variety of reasons. The flyovers flown by Jeff & I and edited by Rob & team are below with a drone edit I created from some b-roll shot during the trip.

Peter Millar Shoot at Bandon Dunes - Headed out to Bandon with the PM team for their Fall 2023 campaign shoot. Created a social/web content series of human interest stories featuring key characters at Bandon. Final assets went live on Instagram (some as collabs with Dream Golf & Bandon) and also have a designated page on Millar's website.


PGA Championship Merchandise Project - created a variety of assets for Legends Global to highlight their impressive footprint at the 2023 PGA Championship at Oak Hill. Feature video is below:

PGA Championship at Oak Hill - shot PGA Championship for PGA of America as part of a very talented social content team. Primary focus was stills for social/web, but also shot some video for IG reels. My Brooks images from the final round are some of my favorites from any professional event I shot this year. Was also part of a small team that completed a branded content shoot on Monday after the championship with Bills QB Josh Allen.


US Open at LACC - shot the US Open for USGA as part of another very talented social content team. Shot and edited a wide variety of stills, videos, & multimedia assets for both USGA & player channels. Flew a drone through the LACC locker room, made drone ball chase videos with Bryson Dechambeau, & captured a clip of Wyndham Clark's "twirl of the year" on Saturday that made some rounds on social. The edit I made for Brooks Koepka's social is one of my favorite social video pieces I made this year. We also had some awesome team edits that performed well on social like this Rickie Fowler reel.


US Women's Open at Pebble Beach - joined another very talented social team at Pebble to shoot the Women's Open for USGA. Shot and edited a wide variety of stills, videos, & multimedia assets for both USGA & player channels.

Pinehurst Drone Flyovers for USGA - had the privilege of flying the tee to green drone videos of all 18 holes at Pinehurst for next year's US Open broadcast & USGA channels. Another major team effort with John Mummert, Rob Cowen, and Omar Rawlings that wouldn't have been possible without the help of the Pinehurst agronomy team. Don't have anything to share here yet, but keep an eye out for a lot of drone content to come from Pinehurst as we get closer to June of next year...


US Amateur at Cherry Hills - went to Denver to shoot video content at the US Am for USGA. Made some fun mic'd up pieces as a team with Brandon Giczewski and then some other IG reel edits for feature matches that were among my favorites this year.


Shooting Star Golf Club Shoot - went to Jackson hole to shoot Shooting Star Golf Club, one of the most visually stunning golf courses I've ever seen. This shoot yielded some of my favorite drone content of the year.

Streamsong Chain Opening/Preview Event - had the privilege of joining a select group that got to experience Streamsong's new course The Chain. Shot some images and video for social to help build hype around the new course & got a chance to be in one of the first 3 groups to play the course.

Ryder Cup - a dream come true/bucket list project for me - I've dreamed of shooting a Ryder Cup since I first started shooting any sort of golf imagery. Had the privilege of joining an amazing team assembled by the PGA & NBC to shoot for the U.S. Ryder Cup Team in Rome. A wild week started with flying on the charter with the team over to Italy and just continued to get more amazing from there. If only we would have won more matches...


Cabot Cape Breton - took my first trip up to Nova Scotia to visit Cabot with my girlfriend and shot some social content for the resort while I was there. The Links Course is the closest I've felt to Scotland in on this side of the pond & the Cliffs Course has some amazing sight lines for ground & drone shooting.

Tree Farm Shoot - had the privilege of shooting photo & video of The Tree Farm for Zac Blair & Team. Zac did an amazing job of bringing his dream to life on an amazing piece of property.


Fliers Club Championship at Pinehurst - made one last visit to Pinehurst for the year to round out a great year of capturing content for The Fliers Club. Keep an eye on their IG for content to come from this after New Years.


Dormie TX0 Shoot - Every Dormie property is a bucket list type destination, but I finally had a chance to check out Dormie Network's property in South Texas on a private ranch. Members & their groups typically have to fly in private to play here & get an amazing course entirely to themselves. Easily one of the coolest golf setups I've had a chance to experience - photos from here are intentionally kept on the down low, so here's just a teaser for now...

Thanks again to everyone who helped made this year possible with some of these incredible opportunities - looking forward to some more fun in 2024!


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